Snowy Winter Engagement Samantha & Andrew

Here in Maine we don’t have the luxury of winters where you can wear shorts and walk down the beach. Some days the temperature finds ways to lift its nose above freezing, but most days it fails. While the trees and fields look beautiful, days like this with cold breezes do little to warm the body, but Samantha and Andrew surely will warm your hearts.

It is no secret that Rowena & Shawn hide out in our studios most of the winter, but we do venture out into the snowy tundra to capture the moments as our clients experience them.

Samantha and Andrew traveled down from Fort Kent to Presque Isle, Maine, to meet up with us for this engagement shoot. The clouds cover prevented us from capturing golden hour, and the wind and cold temperatures kept us running to warmth, but we’re going to re-group in the spring for another session where we all aren’t feeling winters kiss.

If you are getting married in Maine, New England, or any other location around the globe, we would love to talk to you about becoming your personal documentarians. You only get one life and the moments you experience are the memories you will hold forever. Let Mouse Island Creatives be there to preserve the moment in color (and black & white) for all the generations to come.


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