Mapleton Lions Club Wedding Photography | Mapleton, Maine | Kasie & Kyle Wells

Kasie & Kyle Wells had a wonderful wedding day and it was a great honor to be a part of it. This was only our second wedding and while we were supposed to be second shooters, the primary photographer was having camera issues so our images became a lot more important to the couple. Only a short period of time had passed since our first wedding, but we had been working hard. A lot of the issues we were ready for… Thanks to flash. 

We were under the newbie impression that we were natural light photographers and were not in the need of flash. We didn’t own a flash when we did our first wedding, the second one we were had them, but it was in some ways an experiment. We would in time learn flash and the ways that it could improve our photography, but here we were still using our MagMod modifiers for the first time. We did a lot better than our first time, but this shoot also introduced new issues. 

This was in a lot of ways, like our first wedding we were second shooters, an opportunity to learn. After learning that we needed to be able to work in dark conditions more effectively, we were using some new gear. 

After each shoot starting with the first we look at what we did well, the things we need to improve on and the things we didn’t know what the heck we were doing. A lot of photography is skill, but it’s also being able to adapt to ever-changing situations. We had the experience from the first shoot that enabled us to handle the things we couldn’t handle the first time. Ever learning, ever evolving. 

Please enjoy this Mapleton Lions Club Wedding Photography in Mapleton, Maine featuring Kasie & Kyle Wells!

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Wedding Photography Location: Mapleton Lions Club, Mapleton, Maine



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