Wintergreen Arts Center Event Photography | Presque Isle, Maine | Brews & Brushes

This was a fun event. It had art, drinks, food and we got to do what we are loving more each day, take pictures. Six local artists from Maine and Canada battled it out in a one-hour contest call Brews & Brushes. They created some beautiful works of art before the crowd looking on. It was a first-hand glimpse into how these artists were able to perform under pressure. Why the brews? Maine Malt House a local brewer from Mapleton, Maine provided the refreshments. 

The participating artists in the first annual Brews & Brushes competition held at Wintergreen Arts Center were as follows:

  • Lin Trombley
  • Caitlin Sanipass
  • Jacky Poulin
  • Shelby Pelletier
  • Andrea Peterson
  • Marty Gallant (The crowd favourite of the night)

The paintings were auctioned off at the end of the night. The food was great, the brews were refreshing and the wine was, well it was wine… of course it was great. So, please enjoy this stunning New England event photography at Wintergreen Arts Center. Located in Aroostook County, Presque Isle, Maine.

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Event Photography Location: Wintergreen Arts Center, Presque Isle, Maine



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