• Do you want unique, fun photos of your family – as you are at this moment in time preserved for future generations?
  • Have you ever needed a headshot or portrait that makes you stand out from the social media crowd?
  • Do you have friends and families with children in all stages of life who would love the same?
  • Are you able to tell people about your photography experience by sharing images you love?

If you answered YES to the above, Mouse Island Photography encourage you to keep reading!


  • For each and every new client that you refer to Mouse Island Creatives, who then books a portrait session or headshot session and completes their scheduled full session (mini sessions do not qualify), you will receive a 30% discount on your next session.
  • The friend or family member that you referred will also receive $40 print credit with their first session.
  • Leave a review on Facebook about your CREATIVE experience. 
  • We also ask that you spread the word about our services and or like us on Facebook, but that is just an ask not a requirement.
  • That’s everything folks!  A great program and a way for us to thank you for being our clients.


  • The first domino to fall is we need your referral to complete their session. We will email you the day your referral has their pictures taken. We’ve been told this differs from some studios where you have to wait for the images to be edited and delivered to your referral before you can access your reward.
  • Once you receive your email simply email us back or send us a text so we can schedule your next session at 30% off!
  • This is not a one time deal for you, we have set no limits on how many referrals you can make to our studio or put any kind of restrictions on how many session credits you send us.
  • The best part? If you send us ten or more completed referrals we will offer you 50% off all your personal portrait or headshot sessions. 
  • Your friends and family can start earning rewards too!


  • The easiest way we have found is the simplest. If you enjoyed the CREATIVE experience Mouse Island Photography provided you, just tell your friends about it on social media or in person! 
  • SHOW off your images to others! Your personal image gallery gives you the ability to download and/or share from it to all of the major social media platforms.
  • Spread the word just by showing the images you are proud of. SHARE on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest! 
  • You may even get referrals you didn’t know about until we tell you. Keep in mind, to receive referral credit all new clients have to do is tell us who referred them. It’s one of the first questions we ask potential clients. If they say they heard about Mouse Island Creatives by an image you posted on social media and they wanted images by us as well… You just got another referral reward.  


  • If the opportunity to get 30% off your next session and the bump to 50% off all future sessions after you’ve had 10 referral rewards in your lifetime is not enough for you…
  • For every five referral sessions (in a calendar year) you send in our direction, we’ll also give you a $50 print credit on your next session in addition to your 30% or 50% discount. 

  Do you have any questions?  Are you ready to get started?

Please note: We do not plan on discontinuing this referral program, but things can happen. If our business model changes and we do make the choice to discontinue the referral program or make changes to the program, we would still continue to honor the lifetime 50% off discount to anyone who has earned it.

Our studio is located in Northern Maine near Presque Isle & Caribou, but we travel all over New England and the rest of the United States photographing weddings and life moments. Reach out to see when we will be in your area next. 

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