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Wedding Photography Investments

Our Photography Style

Mouse Island Photography is known for a unique style of wedding photography, influenced by the creative backgrounds of the founding partners, Rowena & Shawn McPherson. Rowenas talents as an artist & graphic designer teamed with Shawns talent as an author blend to form a creative visual storytelling studio based on wedding photojournalism and is influenced by their respective backgrounds in Fine-art, literature, and a love of cinema. We understand that the decision on who to trust with your special moments is difficult. The choice you partner with on your wedding photography investment is an important one.

It is in the details that the artist-author duo set themselves apart from other photography studios. We are more than just wedding photographers, we are creatives who document life the way we interpret the moments we witness and tell the stories of those moments in multiple mediums. We strive to capture every image in a way consistent with our studio standards. Clean, crisp, colorful, fun, romantic, emotional, and uniquely artistic are some of the things our clients have said when describing the work we do at Mouse Island Photography.



Everyone is Photographer, but Not Everyone is a Professional

Every person on the planet could potentially be a photographer. We are a society that carries cell phones with us everywhere that have image sensors that could theoretically be used to capture any moment of your life. We have friends that have point and shoot cameras that capture images to post on Facebook or their preferred type of social media, many of us have those ourselves. Some people even make the jump into entry-level DSLR cameras, and fewer still make the jump to the prograde cameras by a variety of manufacturers.

The barrier to entry into the photography is low, anyone could call themselves a photographer. How many take the time to learn even the basics of photography, let alone invest thousands of dollars in education and the thousands of hours practicing what they have learned?

Few. Most simply spend thousands of dollars on equipment to collect dust on a shelf. Great photography isn’t about the equipment, it surely makes it easier to capture a once in a lifetime moment, but at the end of the day, a camera is a camera is a camera. Some have more features, some have less. It is the experience of the photographer that makes the difference. At Mouse Island Photography we purchase professional Canon Photography equipment in full frame and crop sensors because it makes our job easier, not because it makes us professionals.

What Makes a Professional Photographer?

A lot of things make a professional photographer, that topic is a future blog post for sure. The simplest answer is anyone you has ever gotten paid to do a photography job, but that leaves a lot to be said.

Our transition from amateur to fulltime was accomplished through all the additional training we have undergone. It started with purchasing training products from the top professionals in the industry. Then we started attending seminars and conferences to learn new things about our industry. We spend countless hours practicing and experimenting with our cameras and gear. Practicing under the worst possible conditions so when something unexpected happens at your wedding or event, we are ready for it.

We schedule weekly test shoots to constantly keep improving our photographic skills. We do this because we set high expectations for ourselves. Shooting a wedding or engagement is not a just a paycheck for us, it is an opportunity for us to do what we love, and that is why we do it. To document once in a lifetime moments that we hope will become family heirlooms past down to your future generations.

“As a wedding DJ working with many photographers, it is my pleasure to recommend this business. Not only do they use the highest quality equipment but they know and understand the gear and use it to provide the best images. You have two photographers that will attend your event with different perspectives so the photos you get cover a deeper feeling of the event. They are also very easy to work with and always focus on the event and the guests to make sure even the most unplanned shots are documented. You can’t ask for a better team of professionals.”

Steve Boddy, KC & Company DJ Services

Mouse Island Photography For Your Wedding, Engagement, or Elopement

Mouse Island Photography wants to be your personal family historian documenting all of your life moments. We don’t try to pass ourselves off as the best photographers in the world,  the best photographer is completely subjective and it would be arrogant to think we are the best. Our studio has a distinct style that fits some tastes and not others. As a studio, we are okay with this as every other photography studio in the world has the same situation.

We don’t belittle other photographers to try to make our studio look better because frankly, we view them as our peers, not competition. We are happy to work with other photographers and part of our long-term goals at Mouse Island Creatives (The parent company of Mouse Island Photography) we plan to create educational products for creatives. Why would we put down the people we hope to work with for the betterment of everyone? Our style of photography is different than theirs and it is what makes us who we are.


Engagement & Wedding Photography Investment

We are approaching the midpoint of pricing for our New England market, but are still on the low side. There are some photographers in Maine who charge less and there are others in the larger areas of Bangor or Portland in Central and Southern Maine that charge much more. Engagement photography and wedding photography are investments. You are hiring skilled tradespeople to do a job for you. The price we charge is the rate our work is currently valued at.

Not everyone has the same budget for luxury products like the services we offer. A Pinto and a Ferrari are both cars, but they are sold in two entirely different markets to entirely different clients. In the overall photography market, we fall close to the middle on pricing. Skilled photographers who are still establishing their brand and are not trying to maximize profits.

Honestly, our 2018 pricing makes us a bargain. You can find less expensive and more expensive photography options and we encourage you to check out different photographers before you make your choice. Meet them, talk to them, make sure they are a person you can trust with your moments. Then come back and book us as long as our style matches your vision.

Your Wedding Isn’t in Maine? No Worries, We Can Travel to Your Destination Wedding

It is surprising that people worry about not being able to find the right photography team for their Destination Wedding. Are you one of them? Don’t worry, we are Destination Wedding Photographers who love to travel and will be happy to travel to your destination. At Mouse Island Photography, we are always willing to accommodate your destination wedding needs. We can see a time in our future where this is entirely what we do along with destination vacation photography.

Our destination packages start with our exact same standard photography packages. The only additional costs we feel are very reasonable and include:

  1. Airfare for your photography team
  2. Baggage Fees
  3. Hotel accommodations (usually 2 rooms for 2 nights, but for longer events additional nights are required)
  4. A Rental car (usually for a 3 day duration)
  5. Vendor meals on the day of your event
  6. Per Diem: $45/day per photographer for meals on travel days and days not covered by the event

These additional fees cover your two photographers and an assistant that helps us with lighting and logistics of the shoot. No matter where you live or where your wedding is being held, Mouse Island Photography can be there to share and capture the memories.

Choose Mouse Island Photography for Your Wedding Photography Investment

We would love to meet you and discuss the possibility of being your partner. Select the service you are looking to book below and we will contact you back as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you.