About Mouse Island Photography Studio

Mouse Island Photography Studio will be your personal family documentarians. 

Mouse Island Photography was founded after two creatives were asked if they had ever thought of photographing weddings. We had talked about it, but our thoughts at the time were no way! There is so much that goes into shooting a wedding, so many details to capture, everything is rushed. We thought doing wedding photography was the last thing we wanted to do. Less than ten minutes into our first wedding shoot we were hooked.

Our photography studio has evolved but is still based on the four C’s. Clarity, Creativity, Collaborative, Creation.


An artist and an author walked away from their day jobs…

Well, that is at least half true at this point. At the end of February 2018 Shawn left the employed world and started living the self-employed life. He now splits his time across all of the Mouse Island Creatives family of products. Except for the artist studio, Shawn draws crooked stick figures unintentionally so Rowena handles the art.

Rowena loves her job as the coordinator of graphic design, social media, and photography at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. Due to her role at UMPI, her creative time with our studios is scaled back. She focuses on running the Mouse Island Design Studio, her Rowena McPherson Artist Studio, Co-Lead Shooting Photography, and edits & collaborates with Shawn/Liams. So, in short, she is not scaled back at all. She is working two full-time jobs and excelling at it. She is amazing in every way.

Mouse Island is not just a Wedding Photography Studio, it’s where we started, but it’s not all that we document.

We started in weddings, we love weddings & engagement photography but have expanded our services beyond them. We now also specialize in corporate & stylistic headshots, events, capturing your child’s life moments, family portraits & lifestyle shoots.

As creatives with limited time divided between multiple areas that we love doing, we have to limit the photography services we specialize in.

In this day in age, anyone and everyone can and does take a picture. The barrier of entry into the photography world is low. You can grab a twenty dollar digital camera, use a cell phone, or invest in professional grade DSLR cameras with L glass. The difference between your uncle that takes pictures of his meals at every truck stop he fills up at and a professional photographer is pretty simple.

The quality of the work of a professional photographer is apparent in the images they present. The years of training, the practice shoots, the creative way they see things, are just a few of the traits that separate the images.

You can trust your uncle snap a picture of the Thanksgiving Turkey, but do you trust them to capture a moment that can’t be replicated?

Do you need a photographer for a different style of photography?

While it is not our primary focus, when asked also capture senior photos, maternity, newborn, commercial products, fine-art, and many other styles, but again these other types are not our primary focus at this time. We are happy to document these moments for you, and we will do it in the same way approach all of our other shoots, we just wanted to acknowledge we are not trying to be a jack of all trades and not all styles of photography are the same.

Mouse Island Photography wants to document your moments. We want to be your personal family documentarians, creating artwork that will be passed down to future generations.

Oh Yeah, this is an about us page!

Rowena & Shawn McPherson are wife and husband partners in everything. We are partners and collaborators in life and in the arts. We enjoy books, artwork, traveling is our passion. In time we plan to move to a warmer climate. Northern Maine winters are harsh and we hate snow. Moving to somewhere warm with a beach is definitely a part of our life plan. We do offer a glimpse into our personal life at the Wicked Good Life. The blog shows how two creatives & two Pokemon obsessed boys live the Wicked Good Life, check us out.


Rowena McPherson

Rowena is only recently a world traveler. She was born and raised a Mainer and has lived in Aroostook County Maine near Presque Isle her entire life. She is grateful to have grown up in a small town, but there is a much larger world that she wants to explore. Photography only recently became her job when she took on the role of Coordinator of Graphic Design, Social Media, and Photography for the University of Maine at Presque Isle. UMPI for short. She took to photography like a duck to water, but it was a natural transition for an artist to a new artistic medium.